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Blob Jump Experience, South of France Travel Video

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Blob Jump Experience, South of France Travel Video


Watersport, fun, extreme jumps, new school attraction in South of france near Toulouse, shot by DJI phantom4

The Blob Jump is a huge tank of air laid in the water. The Blobber is one that is guaranteed to have maximum sensation as it is located at the end of the Blob. The “Jumper” is the person who will jump from a platform at the other end and it will cause the Blobber catapulting several meters into the air.

The Blob Jumping is a perfect mix of sun, fun and water! It is the latest in trendy sports, in the line of Jetski, banana and parasailing. The discovery of the concept of “blob” and which will give rise to the activity “Blob Jumping” began with huge rubber reservoirs that were used to transport the fuel in the US military.

One of the soldiers discovered the effect of the Blob by having his company jump on. From 2008-2009, blob-jumping activity quickly became an unavoidable activity in the United States, and the phenomenon continues to grow.


Primary Character of Blob Jump Experience, South of France Travel Video

  • The Blob Jumps is a huge air tank put in the water
  • The Blobber: placed at the extremity of the Blob, is the one who is guaranteed to experience a lot of new sensations.
  • The Jumper: he is the one who will jump at the other extremity of the Blob to catapult the Blopper a few meters in the air
  • The principle is simple: a maximum of sensation in a minimum of space!
  • The Blob Jumping is the perfect mix of sun, fun and water! It’s the latest trendy sensation sport, in the lineage of jet skis, banana boats and parasailing.


  • Features of Blob Jump Experience, South of France Travel Video

  • Blobbing is an outdoor water activity in which a participant sits on the end of a partially inflated air bag (known as a water trampoline or blob) and is launched into the water when another participant jumps onto the air bag from a platform on the opposite side.
  • The activity is popular at summer camps in North America. Various tricks may also be performed while the participant is in the air. The air bag is approximately 10 meters long by 2 meters wide. The recommended height for the tower is 15 feet above the water surface, or 10 feet above the air bag.
  • The original blobs used were military surplus items. The “blob” was nothing other than a floating fuel tank that ships could tow. Since oil and gas floats on top of water, the fuel-filled bladders floated next to the ships.
  • The first blobbers were the sailors who would jump from the ship, onto the “blob.” Although the first recorded use of the blob was a summer camp near Austin, Texas called Camp Longhorn, in which the founders’ sons used the blob in the camp’s canoe bay. Tex Robertson and Bill Johnson, founders of Camp Longhorn, revised the blob for the summer camp.
  • The first Blobs were made by a company in Texas. They decided to no longer manufacturer them but by this time they had already become very popular in many camps.
  • It is a two ply heavy weight coated vinyl that comes in 25′, 30′, 35′ and 40′. The Blobs are sold all over the world. There are distributors in several different countries.
  • From 2011 the organizer arranged the first championships in Blobbing, called Blobbing Battle which takes place on 7 tour stops through Austria.


Water Parks in Blob Jump Experience, South of France Travel Video

  • At Aquariaz you will have a unique experience of sliding through the Alps, at the highest water park in Europe. It is located in the mountains of Avoriaz, this water park is open all year round and includes indoor pools, jacuzzis, saunas, hammams, water play areas for the youngest, sport courts, various activities and sand games. During winter, it offers relaxation after a long day of skiing, and in summer, it is a good alternative to beach resorts.
  • Splashworld is the first and largest water themed park in France, located in Provence region, near Avignon, has family rides, areas for younger children, different water slides, largest lazy river in Europe and the biggest surf simulator in the world.
  • Aqualand Fréjus is located on the French Riviera, this water park combines the pleasures of Mediterranean beach resort and large pools with water attractions and slides. Aqualand offers family fun, like crazy race slide and magic slide, kids area with mini zoo water attraction, adrenaline fun with twister and kamikaze slides, etc. Apart from slides and attractions, Aqualand Fréjus offers surf beach simulation and bubble baths.
  • Atlantic Park is the biggest water park in Landes region. It is located on the beach in Seignosse Le Penon, 3 km from lake Hossegor, it offers a unique experience of using heated pools, waterslides and attractions while at the same time overlooking the ocean. Atlantic Park offers deckchairs for rent, individual lockers and free wifi.
  • AquaPark Bergerac also knows as Junior Land Park, offers waterslides, swimming school for the youngest, sports area (beach volley, table tennis, billiards, canoeing, trampoline), relaxation area (sauna and hammam, spa, fitness), etc. It is a great option for your next holiday with friends and family.


With places to visit in France, there are numerous attractive water parks, you can find it in Blob Jump Experience, South of France Travel Video.