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Bumthang – Bhutan Travel Video

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Bumthang – Bhutan Travel Video


Bumthang is known to be a historical place in Bhutan and is referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the East’ with wide open valleys, snowcapped mountains, green country side, fast flowing mountain streams, beautiful temples and monasteries.

Bumthang has an individuality that charms its visitors and separates it from other regions. The region of Bumthang comprises of four smaller valleys -Tang, Ura, Choekhor and Chumey.

It also has a forest reserve institute for students to learn about the biodiversity of Bhutan ranging from animals to birds and different type of plants.


Places of Interest in Bumthang – Bhutan Travel Video

  • Jambay Lhakhang is the monastery which presents architectural appearance dates from the early 20th century.
  • Kurje Lhakhang is situated before Jambay Lhakhang and consists of three temples which are surrounded by a 108 chorten wall.
  • Tamshing Lhakhang is located across the river from Kurje Lhakhang and this monastery has very ancient religious paintings like 1,000 Buddhas and 21 Taras (female form of Buddhistava).
  • Jakar Dzong is used as administrative center for Bumthang valley and houses the regional monk body.
  • Konchogsum Lhakhang was built in the 6th century but was renovated in 1995 and It contained a large bell which is now displayed at the National Museum in Paro.
  • Chankhar Lhakhang is the site of the palace of the Indian King Sindhu Raja. The original palace was built of iron and was rebuilt in the 14th century by a Saint called- Dorji Lingpa.
  • Lhodrak Kharchhu Monastery is located above the main town, about 3 km from Chamkhar townThe monastey and it has become part of an extensive effort to preserve and revitalize Tibetan culture.


Activities of Bumthang – Bhutan Travel Video

  • You can walk half an hour north of Kurje Lhahang to the Tangbi Goemba monastery. The temple has two sanctuaries and a temple of terrifying deities which contains two remarkable paintings of Guru Rinpoche’s heaven and the Buddha Amitabh’s heaven.
  • A few hours walk from the Tangbi Goemba is the small region of Ngang Yul (Swan Land) and Ngang Lhakhang temple is 100 m above the valley floor. A three days festival is held here each winter with masked dances in honor of the founder of the temple.
  • Amazingly open countryside from Jakar to Ura Valley is filled with large sheep pastures of the Tang valley and a magnificent view of Gangkhar Puensum Villages in Ura.
  • Visit Tang Valley to see people of this valley raise sheep, yaks and images of Pema Lingpa with his two sons carved on a rock.
  • Membartsho or The Burning Lake in Tang valley is a wide spot on the Tang Chhu and is considered to be one of the greatest pilgrimage sites of Bhutan. The importance of this site is indicated by the extensive array of prayer flags and the small clay offerings called ‘Tse Tsa’ in rock niches.
  • Ugyenchholing Palace in Tang valley is another attraction and is now housing the Family Museum. The visitors will view permanent exhibits recreated to capture the ambience of the lifestyle of the Trongsa Penelop (Governor) Tshokey Dorji and his household.
  • Tang Rimochen Lhakhang in the valley is a sacred place of Guru Rimpoche. A rock in front of temple bears a body print of the Guru and two khandroms (female celestial being).
  • Kunzangdrak Goemba is two hours walk above Chel Tang Valley. It is one of the most important sites related to Pemalingpa the great treasure discoverer in Bhutan.
  • Pelseling Goempa Pelseling Goempa is a sacred monastery with rich historic values. Situated on a steep mountain, it is a half day trek from the area of Jakar with breathtaking views of the valley and large species of flora, fauna and a beautiful meadow which is the perfect picnic spot.


Things to do in Bumthang – Bhutan Travel Video

  • Kuje Lakhang is one of the special temples of Bhutan along with Kyichu Lakhang of Paro. This beautiful temple is located by a mountain river and can be seen from the Tamshing monastery.
  • Jamey Lakhangj is one of the oldest temples in Bhutan and is the place where all the famous festivals of Central Bhutan are held.
  • Chumey Valley is the place of the famous yatra wool of Bhutan. You can visit these small scale yatra factories, see the women weaving the yarn and also buy some of the finished work products.
  • Tamshing Monastery contains some of the most remarkable paintings of this period in the Himalayas. You can see the steel mesh coast forged by Pemalingpa.
  • Mebar Tso or Burning Lake is a holy site with beautiful countryside and a fast flowing mountain river and is also pilgrimage place for the people of Bhutan.
  • This region of Bumthang is famous for apples, pears, apricots, walnuts and there are many homestays where you can enjoy this relax experience.
  • Jakar Dzong sits on top of a hill that overlooks the Choekar town and its location offers a wide open view of the Bumthang valley.
  • Lamey Gompa is formerly a royal monastery, but currently a forestry office. You can walk from the Choekar town to see lovely views of the Jakar Dzong and the Bumthang valley.
  • Kunzangdra Monastery is an agricultural region specializing in sheep rearing lies the Kunzangdra Monastery at a height of 11,000 feet. If you are daring and have the services of a guide, you can hike from Kunzangdra monastery to Pemaling Gompa and down to the Swiss Farm to complete this trail.
  • The Ura valley is known for its spectacular scenery. It is on the way to the Ura valley that one can see the huge white Gangkar Punsum (23,750 feet), the highest peak in Bhutan.


Bumthang – Bhutan Travel Video has more to offer through its beautiful temples and monasteries that offer a rich spiritual experience.