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Colorful Rose Nail Designs.

July 25, 2017 28 2 No Comments


Today I’m going to show you how to do colorful nail designs. I’m in love with rainbow then I will use 7 colors for my rose designs. If you are in love with. Let’s get start it.

Product Used

Pink Neon Nail Polish
Purple Nail Polish
Blue Nail Polish
Green Nail Polish
Yellow Nail Polish
Orange Neon Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
Paintbrush Size 0
PVC Nails Size 0-9
White Acrylic Color
Eyelash Extension Tweezers Stainless Steel

How to
1.First step, I start my nail with matte black polish with out little finger. Apply little finger with white.
2.Drawing a big rose print on thumb with white acrylic color.
3.Drawing 3 roses print on your middle nail by thin brush with white acrylic color.
4.Then paint small roses on ring finger. If you in love with contrast between black and white. You can apply top coat on your nail then finished. But I’m not.
5.Drawing a big rose on your little nail with black acrylic color.
6.Using sponge nail art for tap nail polish on your nail. Randomly tap 7 colors on thumb , middle and ring finger.
7.Use thin brush to fill 7 colors on the white place on your little nail.
8.Apply top coat with out your index nail. That’s it.