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Diy Water Marble Nail Stickers.

July 25, 2017 18 2 No Comments


DIY Water Marble Stickers for your nails. Today I’m going to show you how the way to stunning water marble looking nails using nail polish. These DIY stickers are so cool and much easier to do than water marbling itself. Let get start it!

Product Used

LED Nail Dryer 36 Watt
White Nail Polish
Pastel Purple Nail Polish
Pastel Pink Nail Polish
Mint Nail Polish
Yellow Nail Polish
Gel Top Coat
Nail Stickers
PVC Nails Size 0-9
Heart Shape Nail Glitter
Nail File
Dotting Tools
Eyelash Extension Tweezers Stainless Steel
Gold Tiny Circle Beads
Plastic Bags

How to
1.Starting of I’m going to start a plastic bag and also 4 different colors. Apply each to the bag lay next to each other. Make sure you make them long enough for all your nails.
2.Taking some white polish and dab it all of the colors.
3.Using paintbrush blend it together until u get very cool effect.
4.Let’s dry about 2 hours or over night to be safe and when it’s dried carefully roll it of plastic bag.
5.I’m going to cut them into strip and make sure it’s long enough for your nails.
6.Apply white polish then carefully place stickers on pvc nails.
7.After it’s dried. Cut excess polish off.
8.Apply top coat and Adding nail equipment from you designs.
9.Apply top coat. Finished :))