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Easy Pink Nail Designs.

July 25, 2017 22 8 No Comments


Today I’m going to show you how to create easy pink nail designs. I’m makeing adorable stitches nails, which are very easy and quick to make, But look fantastic in the end. Let’s get start it.

Product Used

Black Nail Polish
White Tip Nail
Dotting Tools
Paintbrush Size 0
Eyelash Tweezers
Pink Nail Polish
Matte White Nail Polish
Black Acrylic Color.

How to
1.First Step, Start your nail with shocking pink nail polish with out little finger. Apply your little nail with matte white polish.
2.Once this is dry apply 2 layers the same colors on your nails.
3.Using white tip and Place them on the nail and make sure the sides are well stuck down so the polish don’t slip through.
4.Apply white polish on pink nails and apply pink on white nail. Peel the stickers off.
5.Using dotting tool with black polish and dots on your nail with out white tip place.
6.Using a small paint brush outline the edges go all the shapes.
7.Lastly you need to make stitches by drawing short black lines on the edges of all shapes
8.Apply top coat. That’s it.