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How to tattoo nail designs.

July 25, 2017 22 2 No Comments


I got feather nail tattoo from my friends. Then today I’m going to show you how to tattoo your nail. It’s quite easy then I add some trick of background and add a lot of glitter you will love it.

1. feather nail tattoo
2. LED nail dryer 36 watt
3. White nail polish
4. Pastel blue polish
5. Pastel mint polish
6. White glitter
7. Gold tiny circle beads
8. Eyelash extension tweezers stainless steel
9. Paintbrush
10. Blue glitter gel polish
11. Sponge nail
12. Top coat gel

How to
1.I’m going to start nail with white. Then paint the polish on the sponge.
Use 3 color the first is white then mint and blue polish.
2.After that, Start dropping a sponge on your first nail. Move sponge a bit up and down from side to side make sure it’s cover all of your nail.
3.Cut a piece of feather off. Put into water and wait a minute for the tattoo move out off paper. Pinch it into your nail.
4. Use blue glitter gel polish and apply it under the feather. Adding white glitter on the same place. Place some gold tiny circle beads on top of nail.
5. Put it in to the UV light to cure the gel for 1 minute.
6.Apply top coat and that’s it. :))