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Manggarai Station – The Biggest Train Transit Point in Jakarta

July 25, 2017 19 Like No Comments


Stasiun Manggarai (Manggarai Station), located in Jakarta, Indonesia, is an old train station in Indonesia. This is a biggest transit point for all trains that comes from other city, out of Jakarta, and also also for the city-train. It has as many tracks as Jakarta Kota Station. It serves primarily as a commuter station for the Jabodetabek area, and is operated by KA Commuter Jabodetabek. Although the track was built by the Nederlands-Indische in 1873, in this new area Manggarai station was built in 1914 and was completed May 1, 1918. The construction was supervised by Van Grendt. For tourists who want to use local vehicles in Indonesia, but did not want to waste time because of traffic, go by train. In this Manggarai Station, you will not be disappointed by the delay train, because the train schedule has been fixed and definite. Here, you can select a destination travel easily, to travel with a distance of less than 25 km, then it will only cost Rp3000 (USD 0.23). Prices are very cheap compared to using other vehicles.