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Minimal Eyes Nail Designs.

July 25, 2017 18 1 No Comments


Would you guys rock this nail look? Today I’m going to show you how to make cutest nail design minimal eyes. This color will help your look so sweet. If you in love with this design. Don’t slip.

Product Used

Black Acrylic Color
Pastel Pink Nail Polish
Pastel Purple Nail Polish
Blue Nail Polish
Blue Glitter Nail Polish
Gel Top Coat
Paintbrush Size 0
Dotting Tools

1.First step apply pastel pink nail polish 2 times.
2.After it’s dried. Using pastel purple nail polish to make a little circle on top of the nail. Apply it again make sure you got actually purple.
3.Using white polish only ring finger for a circle. It’d gonna be cutest eyes :))
4.Make and outline between pink and purple by thin brush with black acrylic color.
5.Make and outline between pink and white. Drawing curve on top of your nail.
6.Add some eyelashes for all.
7.Using blue nail polish with dotting tool and add 1 dot on the middle of white eyes.

8.Tab blue glitter polish with thin brush on blue circle.9.Apply top coat the finished.