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Morocco Travel Video

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Morocco Travel Video


Morocco is a North African sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Geographically, Morocco is characterized by a rugged mountainous interior, large tract of desert and a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Spain to the north, Algeria to the east, and Western Sahara to the south. Since Morocco controls most of Western Sahara, its southern boundary is with Mauritania.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Moroccan economy. It is well developed with a strong tourist industry focused on the country’s coast, culture, and history.

Moroccan cuisine has long been considered as one of the most diversified cuisines in the world. This is a result of the centuries-long interaction of Morocco with the outside world. The cuisine of Morocco is mainly a fusion of Moorish, European and Mediterranean cuisines.


Regions of Morocco Travel Video

  • Mediterranean Morocco hosts all sorts of towns and cities, several Spanish enclaves and some important ports
  • North Atlantic Coast – the northern half of Morocco’s coast is home to the capital and Casablanca, interspersed with beach towns
  • South Atlantic Coast – the southern coast is home to gorgeous beach towns like Essaouira and Agadir
  • High Atlas covering the High Atlas mountains and the surrounding areas including Marrakech
  • Middle Atlas covering the Middle Atlas mountains and the surrounding areas including Fez and Meknes
  • Saharan Morocco – the vast desert region of Morocco runs along the border with Algeria; camel safaris and sand dunes.
  • Anti Atlas the southern portion, covering Tarouddant down to the Western Sahara border.


Highlight Destinations of Morocco Travel Video

  • Morocco has been tailor-made for travelers with lyrical landscapes carpet this slice of North Africa like the richly colored and patterned rugs you’ll lust after in local cooperatives.
  • Morocco offers breathtaking pleasures: glistening night skies, views from the Tizi n’Test pass, rugged coastlines, waterfalls, caves in forested hills and the mighty desert
  • Rabat is the capital of Morocco; very relaxed and hassle-free, highlights include a 12th-century tower and minaret.
  • Casablanca is the major cruise port with a taste of Morocco’s history and culture and has the best developed market for tourists in Morocco. It is also a modern city by the sea with the historical medina and the contemporary mosque.
  • Fez is the former capital of Morocco and one of the oldest and largest medieval cities in the world.
  • Marrakech is a perfect combination of old and new Morocco with the great plaza of Djeema El Fna at dusk.
  • Meknes was an imperial capital and retains its extensive walls and an “old city” with a number of vineyards.
  • Quarzazate is a fantastic and ancient city of preservation and tourism.
  • Tangier is a historically city that attracted numerous artists, musicians, politicians and writers.
  • Agadir is best-known for its beaches and is a nice example of modern Morocco.
  • Amizmiz is a popular destination for travelers looking for a day trip that is easily accessible from Marrakech.
  • Chefchaouen is a mountain town just inland from Tangier full of white-washed winding alleys, blue doors, and olive trees.
  • Essaouira is an ancient sea-side town with good music and great people.
  • Imouzzer is a traditional Berber town perched in the Atlas Mountains, beautiful scenery and a wonderful waterfall with excellent handicrafts, argan oil and berber jewelry.
  • Merzouga and M’Hamid is at the edge of the Sahara, ride a camel or 4×4 into the desert among the dunes and under the stars.
  • Tinerhir is the perfect point of access to the stunning High Atlas.


Activities of Morocco Travel Video

  • You can enjoy watching people from a street cafe with a coffee or a mint tea.
  • Hiking up North Africa’s highest peak, learning to roll couscous, camels trekking in the desert, shopping in the souqs, relaxing on panoramic terraces and grand squares and tasting delicately flavored tajines are the interesting activities that you can try. Other hiking routes lead through the beautiful Ameln Valley in the Anti-Atlas and the wooded Rif Mountains in the very north.
  • You can catch a sea breeze at Asilah or lovely Essaouira.
  • The blue-washed town of Chefchaouen is an old time travellers’ favourite and a great starting point to explore the impressive High Atlas Mountains.
  • To see the stunning panoramic view from the top, you can climb Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in North-Africa, passing lovely adobe villages and exploring the gorgeous Ourika and Amizmiz valleys on the way.


Tips of Morocco Travel Video

  • Modern Standard Arabic is the first official language, and is frequently used in administrative offices, mosques and education.
  • Berber or the Amazigh language is the second official language and is spoken by Morocco’s Berber population.
  • French is widely understood and spoken in Morocco due to its history as a French protectorate and is taught in schools.
  • In the northern and southern parts of the country, many people speak Spanish instead of or in addition to French owing to the proximity to and former colonization by Spain.
  • You will find a few people include shop owners and hotel managers who speak English.


Because Morocco is a country of diversity, you’ll find epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts and warm hospitality in this Morocco Travel Video.