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(Padang, Indonesia) The Minangkabau Etnhic and Their Culture

July 25, 2017 18 1 No Comments


West Sumatera, better known as the Minangkabau, has many historical and cultural relics scattered in various regions. One form of traditional architectural heritage is a sieve home building, custom hall, and mosque. The Minangkabau are famous for their dedication to education, as well as the widespread diaspora of their men throughout southeast Asia, the result being that Minangs have been disproportionately successful in gaining positions of economic and political power throughout the region. Traditional architecture of Minangkabau culture is a manifestation of Minangkabau culture motivated by many factors adopted in accordance with the philosophy of the natural. This traditional building made of wood, bamboo, palm fiber roof with peg system. The most prominent characteristic of the form of a “bergonjong” tower roof, resembling a buffalo horn and the walls are ornate carvings. In this exhibition of Adityawarman Museum displays form of traditional Minangkabau architecture in the form of traditional house and also a traditional clothes of Minangkabau local wedding. Let’s check this video.