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Paje – Tanzania Travel Video

July 25, 2017 33 9 No Comments


Paje – Tanzania Travel Video


Paje is a village on the east coast of the island of Unguja , which is part of Zanzibar in Federation Tanzania.  It is located between the villages of Bwejuu in north and Jambiani in the south. It has a long, white-sand beach and strong winds attract tourists to this small village on the East Coast of Zanzibar.

Primarily, the residents make their living by fishing. Paje is quite built-up with a cluster of small-scale places on the beach and a party atmosphere.

Paje is also Zanzibar’s main kite-surfing center. During December and June, the sea is filled with surfers, so much so that it can be difficult to find a quiet spot to swim.


Highlights of Paje – Tanzania Travel Video

  • Sleepy fishermens village is situated on a beautiful strip of seashore. It is an important crossroad – main road from Stone Town is divided in two directions directly in Paje.
  • Inside the village you can find small shops where you can buy souvenirs, vivid colored paintings in Zanzibarian style and various coconut products.
  • Paje is built in traditional swahili style, so you can make short trips through long dusty “streets” and enjoy local cordial atmosphere.
  • You can visit local people gathering seaweed, making ropes of coconut fibers or repairing or building boats (dhows).


Activities of Paje – Tanzania Travel Video

  • Learn kiteboarding at 3 kiteboarding schools.
  • Swim in the lukewarm water when the tide is in, or walk to the coral reef.
  • As Paje is famous kitesurfing center, most tourists are either keen on kitesurfing or they can learn basics of this popular sport.
  • Evenings on shore of Paje are dedicated to football. Local boys as well as tourist meet every evening for serious game.
  • You can make long trips along the shore – in 1 hour you can reach Jambiani or Bwejuu. If you want to make serious trip, you can rent a bike, scooter or motorcycle – rental offices are in many resorts or ask touts.
  • A traditional dancing performance is held at the Cristal Resort most Tuesday nights. Booking is essential.
  • Many spend the days tanning and drinking cocktails, while others learn to kite-surf or go snorkeling on the offshore reef.


Transportation of Paje – Tanzania Travel Video

  • Use a taxi or minibus and you can enjoy sightseeing and air condition, but use dala-dala, if you want to chat with local people and get many interesting things along the way.
  • You can drive here from Stone Town in 30-40 minutes by car or motorbike, or take dala-dala.
  • The whole village can be reached by foot, or you can make a visit around by bicycle or by taxi. Most roads in Paje are not suitable for cars, as they are only dusty tracks.


Cuisine of Paje – Tanzania Travel Video

  • Tourists are advised to taste local Zanzibarian meals, as these are much more tasty and price is lower than for “European” meals.
  • Zanzibar cuisine is one of the best in the whole African territory. You can trace Indian, Arabic and African roots in most dishes. Most meals are prepared with dozens of local spices, but the results are not too spicy.


There is plenty to see beyond palm trees, you’ll find experiences from vibrant culture to idyllic barefoot luxury in Paje – Tanzania Travel Video.