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Phnom Penh Night Market – Things you need to see and visit in Phnom Penh

July 25, 2017 24 9 No Comments


Phnom Penh’s only formal night market, Psar Reatrey overlooks the riverside. The Night Market is chiefly oriented towards the local market, but is definitely worth a dip to pick up some very reasonably priced clothes.

You’ll find a selection of Asian fashions, impossible designer brands with misspelled names, sparkly jewellery, cushions and beautiful paper flowers and many more. It also gives you an excellent chance to sample some live local pop music.

In the centre of the market is a stage which hosts members of the Night Market band. Behind the large central stage, there is an array of food stalls and a big space laid out with matting on which to sit among local families and young couples.

There is everything here from spring rolls to Cambodian sausages, grilled meats and more, and the lovely family atmosphere just makes everything seem even better than it already is on a balmy evening. The Market is situated on the riverside between the 106 and 108 streets. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5 pm to 0.00 am