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Red Rose Nail Designs.

July 25, 2017 12 3 No Comments


Today I’m going to show you how to be great daughter. Ha ha My mom want me to create her nails with red polish then I create this nail design for my mom If you like let do it together.

Product Used
1.LED nail dryer 36 watt
2. Silver glitter gel polish
3. Small silver glitter
4. Black acrylic color
5. coat
6. Top coat
7. Red gel polish
8. Gold tiny circle beads
9. Silver gel polish
10. Paintbrush

How to
1. First step apply base coat to protect you natural. Using the UV light to cure the gel 1 minute.
2. Apply red gel polish on middle , ring and little finger.
3. Apply silver gel polish only index finger.
4. Using red gel polish and paint rose shape on top of nail. Put into the light 1 minute.
5. Apply the same color on your nail. And cure the gel with UV light again.
6. Drawing a big rose print on the little nail.
7. Drawing small roses print on the ring finger.
8. Then paint 2 roses on the top of right side and below of left side.
9. Drawing roses in only red area.
10. Adding gold tiny circle beads. Randomly put it on red nail.
11. Adding silver gritter on index finger.
12 Apply top coat and that’s it.