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Shwezigon Pagoda-Bagan of Myanmar Tourism Video

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Shwezigon Pagoda-Bagan of Myanmar Tourism Video


The Shwezigon Pagoda is a Buddhist temple located in Nyaung-U, a town near Bagan, in Myanmar. A prototype of Burmese stupas, it consists of a circular gold leaf-gilded stupa surrounded by smaller temples and shrines. As the pagoda enshrines a number of sacred Buddhist relics, it is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists.

The Shwezigon Pagoda is one of the oldest and most impressive monuments of Bagan. This pagoda is a Buddhist religious place that believed to enshrine a bone and tooth of Gautama Buddha. The pagoda is in the form of a cone formed by five square terraces with a central solid core. There are footprints below the four standing Buddha statues. The placing of the footprints gives the viewers an impression of Buddha walking towards them.


Features of Shwezigon Pagoda-Bagan of Myanmar Tourism Video

  • The pagoda has a prototype of Burmese stupas which is like a bell-shaped stupa in traditional Mon architectural style. It has features of staircases, gates, and a richly ornamented spire fitted with a large golden umbrella type finial embedded with gems. The relics that are believed to be enshrined in the pagoda are Buddha’s collar-bone and his frontal bone from Prome, and his tooth from Ceylon.
  • The pagoda has a central solid core with five square terraces. The terraces rise steeply in the form of a pyramid topped with umbrellas or chatris.
    At the entrance to the pagoda there are huge statues of guardians of the temple, known as chinthes which are leoglyphs (lion shaped glyphs).
    After dark the pagoda is wonderfully illuminated by spotlights that give the place a mystical atmosphere.
    The Shwezigon festival held during the 9th month of the Burmese calendar (December) attracts thousands of devotees. This was a month dedicated to paying respect to the ancient Nat spirits, before Theravada Buddhism became prevalent in Burma.

Location of Shwezigon Pagoda-Bagan of Myanmar Tourism Video

The pagoda which is a pilgrimage center located close to Bagan or Pagan in the plains in the Shwe Zigon settlement at Nyaung-U.


In this video, you will see the majestic pagoda which is not part of the traditional circuit of Bagan ruins and is of vital importance to the local population. This pagoda is imposing and was for a long time the most important of Myanmar, for that reason is visited by Burmese from all over the country. Its conservation is excellent and its beauty is in sight that makes Bagan a wonderful place and worthy of being visit.


Transportation of Shwezigon Pagoda-Bagan of Myanmar Tourism Video

  • The area’s most active town and main transport hub is Nyaung U, in the northeast corner
  • Most international tourists fly to the city. The Nyaung U Airport is the gateway to the Bagan region. Several domestic airlines have regular flights to Yangon, Mandala and Heho. The airport is located on the outskirts of Nyaung U and it takes about 20 minutes by taxi to reach Bagan.
  • The city is on a spur from the Yangon-Mandalay rail line. Myanmar Railways operates a daily overnight train service each way between Yangon and Bagan.
  • Overnight buses and cars also operate to and from Yangon and Mandalay taking approximately 9 and 6 hours respectively.
  • An ‘express’ ferry service runs between Bagan and Mandalay following the Irrawaddy River. The service runs daily during peak periods and slower sailings with overnight stops are also available.
  • Getting around by bike allows you to get to most of the temples. Almost all hotels and guesthouses have them for hire, as do various restaurants and shops on the popular ‘Restaurant Row’ in Nyaung U.
  • Go on a horse and cart guided tour. This is many people’s favorite, and certainly the most romantic way to see the temples. Most drivers speak at least some English and will know good routes around the temples and some hidden gems.
  • Take an air conditioned taxi, if you want to avoid the heat and dust completely. This is naturally the most comfortable way to get around.
  • The most exotic and spectacular way to see the temples is to head to the sky for a hot air balloon trip with a unique view of the plain and temples.
  • You can also get around by trishaw and small pick-ups. It can only be used for short distances in towns, and pick-ups only operate along the main road from Nyaung U to Old Bagan and on to New Bagan.

On 24 August 2016, Central Burma was hit by a major earthquake and 400 temples were destroyed. The Sulamani and Myauk Guni (North Guni) were severely damaged. The Bagan Archaeological Department has started a survey and reconstruction effort with the help of UNESCO experts. Visitors are prohibited from entering 33 damaged temples.

The Shwezigon was damaged by several earthquakes including the large 1975 quake, but has been restored since.

This temple town is one of Myanmar’s main attractions. Shwezigon Pagoda-Bagan of Myanmar Tourism Video is the most visited place where there is an infrastructure, a care and a preparation for the tourist visiting.