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Snorkeling Experience at Sepa Island (Indonesia)

July 25, 2017 41 Like No Comments


Sepa island that boasts the title of the Paradise for Deriver In Jakarta, Indonesia, the island that is still included in the area on the island of a Pulau Seribu (Thousand Island) that can be traveled with a 90-minute ride over the water from Marina Ancol Jakarta. This place has a natural beauty that is still natural and very appropriate for a family vacation spot or you are looking for a location for a honeymoon because it’s romantic, various facilities available on the island uninteresting including restaurant, cottages, Play ground, meeting room, karaoke, billiards, snorkeling, diving, fishing, jetski, cannoe.Sepa Island has outstanding white sandy beach for sunning , turquoise water surrounding for swimming and snorkling. The crystal clear water corals reef formation and teeming with interesting marine life make Sepa Island Beach Resort and surrounding populary known as PARADISE FOR DIVER. Inexpensive boat dives from Sepa Island to the dive spot is available at SEPA DIVE SHOP which guaranteed all equipment in good condition and full time experience certified dive buddy. Let’s visit INDONESIA!