Swimming with the Jellyfish of Sohoton Cove – Philippines Travel Video

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Swimming with the Jellyfish of Sohoton Cove – Philippines Travel Video


Sohoton Lagoon located in Bucas Grande Islands in Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Sohoton Lagoon is declared by the Philippine Government as a National Park covering a total area of 70 hectares.

The park features mystical Sohoton Cove, amazing Sohoton Lagoon itself and the picturesque seven islets. The lagoon’s entrance is the Sohoton Cove – a cove half-submerged in water and passable only during low tide. The lagoon has quite a number of caves to explore.

Sohoton comes from the local word “sohot” which means to pass through a small or narrow opening usually by bending. The cave is only passable during low tide. During high tide, the entrance to the cove is blocked. You can still get through by diving for a few minutes.


Things You Need to Know From Sohoton Cove – Philippines Travel Video

  • You can leave from General Luna, Siargao Island to Sohoton Cove by boat. When you arrive you need to register to get in.
  • The smaller boats will bring you into the Cove and the guide will explain the details of the trip along the way.
  • You have to get off the boat and swim into the cave.
  • Make sure that you do not put on any sunscreen or sunblock lotions since the jellyfish is sensitive to chemicals.
  • The cave is only passable during low tide. During high tide, the entrance to the cove is blocked. You can still get through by diving for a few minutes.
  • The stingless jellyfish sanctuary is a paradise. Tourists get a chance to swim with the lovable jellyfish in their natural environment.
  • The most common jellyfish is the brown-spotted jelly or lagoon jelly. You also can see blue moon jelly. There are thousands of them especially during summer. All jellyfish is stingless and harmless. You can touch the jellyfish. It won’t affect them.
  • Scooping them fully out of the water is prohibited as they dehydrated easily.
  • Enjoy yourself with these cuties, jellyfish!


Features of Sohoton Cove – Philippines Travel Video

  • The grandeur and captivating beauty of Sohoton Cove National Park is majesty and magic. You will feel like entering into the realm of mermaids and sea nymphs.
  • The place would leave every visitor with mesmerized- clean lakes, secret coves, enchanting lagoons, spectacular rock and coral formations, incredible sea creatures and many more.
  • The main attraction of the place are the Sohoton cove, non-sting jellyfish, several small caves and lakes, crystal clear water, beautiful corals, white sand beaches and lush vegetation on craggy islands.
  • It’s a 60-hectare maze of interconnected clear lagoons enveloped by thickly vegetated limestone of 7 islets.
  • Sohoton Cove is a gigantic lagoon filled with numerous islets, listened and entered a “snoring” cave, and dived off a cliff.
  • After entering the cove, you will see odd-shaped rock formation called Ti-il sa Kabayo which translates to horse’s feet because it is shaped similarly to those parts of a horse’s anatomy.
  • You will see the odd-shaped, moss-covered stalactites jutting out of sea cliffs which are actually the arms of a petrified tree after being exposed to the sea’s elements, the tree has become as hard as stone.
  • Sohoton Cove National Park is filled with these gorgeous, muffin-shaped, forest covered islets. Most of them are untouched by human hands.
  • The first stop inside the National Park is Hagukan Cave, literally snoring cave, due to the fact that it makes an ominous snoring sound as the waves of the receding tide lap the cavern’s roof. The air from the cavern rushes out in pulses in sync with the waves, creating the snoring sound. It’s like listening to a sleeping giant. The snoring sounds are generated only during a specific period of the tide’s recession.
  • This is the entrance of Magkokoob Cave where we had to wade on waist-deep water. Inside was a collection of splendid stalactites and rock formations with the sound of lapping waves and dripping water in the background.
  • Sohoton Lagoon has amazing clear blue waters. It is home to the non-stinging jellyfish since the locals have reserved a jellyfish sanctuary for them to thrive.
  • To exit Magkokoob Cave, you have to scramble up a very steep, slippery, stalagmite-filled path. It’s just a short climb, however; and the view from the exit, with all those stalactites and stalagmites, is totally amazing.
  • The shortest, most exciting way to exit Magkokoob Cave is to dive 15 feet from that platform. That’s the view from the diving platform.
  • On the way back, you will find a number of large fruit bats flying around the cove.


How to Get to Sohoton Cove – Philippines Travel Video

  • It is 2.5-4 hours by boat from General Luna, Siargao Island to Sohoton Cove.
  • It will take approximately 2 and a half hour by van from Surigao City to Hayanggabon Port.
  • You can aboard an outrigger/banca to Sohoton Cove National Park for another 1 and a half hour.
  • Or if you are already in Siargao Island, get to the Port of Dapa and take the ferry to the town of Socorro.
  • From Socorro hire an outrigger/banca to Sohoton National Park.


Sohoton Cove – Philippines Travel Video will give you a mesmerizing experience of this splendor secret place with these beautiful jellyfish.