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The Adventure in Musala Peak-Borovets – Bulgaria Travel Video

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The Adventure in Musala Peak-Borovets – Bulgaria Travel Video


Musala is the highest peak in the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m. The summit of the Rila mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, Musala is the highest peak between the Alps and the Caucasus and the highest in Eastern Europe bar the Caucasus.


The Adventure in Musala Peak-Borovets – Bulgaria Travel Video

  • Amazing 2 days adventure trip to this summit with great people. We started the trip on 26th of November in the early morning hours From Prilep, Macedonia with mini bus.
  • We arrived in the morning in Borovets, Bulgaria, than we started our hike that was almost 5 and half hours to the shelter Everest (Ice Lake 2720m) . We had great evening there with fun, music, singing, food and drinks. Around midnight we went to bed to take a quick nap.
  • The morning was beautiful, great weather for reaching the summit. We arrived on the peak Musala 2925m the highest peak of the South-East Europe and Balkan Peninsula after 45 minutes of hike.
  • Amazing view, all of us was speechless and it was time for a lot of photos and taking videos, short hot tea break and climbing down to pack our stuff, take some snacks and head down to Borovets.
  • At the end everyone was fulfilled with great memories, positive energy that lasted till we arrived home with great positive mind and a lot of singing and having fun during the mini bus ride.


Features of Musala Peak-Borovets – Bulgaria Travel Video

  • With a prominence of 2473 m, Musala is the 7th most prominent mountain peak in Europe.
  • Musala is situated within the Rila National Park, which is noted for its rich flora, including species such as Macedonian Pine and Bulgarian Fir in the forests on its middle slopes, and fauna.
  • It is one of the easiest places in Europe to see the wall creeper.
  • Musala is also the highest peak of the South-East Europe. It is situated in the Eastern part of the RILA Mountains that has a landscape reminiscent of the Alps. Also, Musala is the highest peak of Rila massif and of whole Bulgaria.
  • The name derives from “Mus Allah” which means “the mountain of Allah” being so named during the period when Bulgaria was part of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. The old name of the mountain is Tangra.
  • To climb the Musala peak is an extraordinary mountain experience, enjoyment in devine beauty of impressive massif of Mt Rila and its highest peaks as are Irecek Malka Musala and Musala which is the highest peak of Mt Rila.
  • Summit view from Musala summit is very impressive. You can see all highest peaks of large massif of Rila and highest peaks of Pirin massif and Mt Rodopi. Also, few beautifully Rila Lakes can be seen.
  • The average number of Musala’s visitors exceeds 50,000 people annually.
  • The area also boasts an Alpine meteorological observatory and an Ecological observatory called “Musala”, which is placed on the summit of Musala.
  • All major mountain ranges of Bulgaria can be seen from the top; these include Vitosha to the northwest, Sredna Gora towards the northeast, the Balkan Mountains along most of the northern horizon behind Vitosha and Sredna Gora, the Rhodope Mountains to the southeast, Pirin to the south, Osogovo, Ruy and Rila Mountain to the west.
  • A Cosmic Ray Station was built on the peak in 1960 with cooperation from the Hungarian Academy of Science. The station conducted scientific experiments using a muon telescope.
  • Three of the main rivers of Bulgaria, the Iskar, Maritsa and Mesta have their sources near Musala.
  • The next highest peaks in the vicinity of Musala are Little Musala and Irechek.
  • Peak Musala has an alpine climate with cold, long winters, cool summers which makes the peak the coldest place in Bulgaria.
  • Musala Glacier on Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Musala Peak.


If you want to find the most stunning experience in Bulgaria, the Adventure in Musala Peak-Borovets – Bulgaria Travel Video will serve your goal.