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Things to Do in Green Island-Neuquén, Argentina Travel Video

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Things to Do in Green Island-Neuquén, Argentina Travel Video


Neuquén is the capital city of the Argentine province of Neuquén, located in the east of the province, at the confluence of the Limay and Neuquén rivers. In addition to being the provincial capital, it is the commercial and cultural center for the entire region, which also covers Alto Valle of the Río Negro province.

The city lies next to the plateau, where you will find the “high” neighborhoods and towards the east it is surrounded by fruit orchards that use low levels of irrigation. Towards the south, a new avenue that circumvents the city was constructed a few years ago, known as the “Multitrocha”.


Features of Green Island-Neuquén, Argentina Travel Video

  • The green island appears in a place of the Argentine Patagonia, surrounded by an arid geography. It offers a place for the rest and the enjoyment of the nature with diverse activities and in increasing tourist development.
  • The wealth of paleontological sites in the surrounding area and the excellent wineries just out of town are the two main reasons that you should visit Neuquén. The town has a strangely hypnotic effect with its wide, tree-lined boulevards and liberal smattering of plazas.
  • Most travelers hit Neuquén en route to more glamorous destinations in Patagonia and the Lake District – the town is the area’s principal transport hub, with good connections to Bariloche and other Lake District destinations, to the far south and to Chile. Paved highways go east to the Río Negro valley, west toward Zapala and southwest toward Bariloche.
  • There is a spectacular view of the orchards that surround the city, and weather permitting, also of the nearby city of Cipolletti, in Río Negro.
  • The city experienced a large growth spurt in the 70´s due to the drilling of the region’s oil reserves, tourism, horticulture, and the provincial government’s plan in bringing more people to the city. This growth has turned the city into the definitive financial, commercial and cultural center of Northern Patagonia.
  • You can walk along Avenida Argentina until reaching Centennial Park where there is a plaza of the flags, which serve as a tribute to the regiments that fought in the Desert Campaign.
  • Off to the side of this plaza you will find the lookout “Balcony of the Valley.” From this point you can see the entire city, and weather permitting, you can also see the confluence of the Limay and Neuquén rivers, and the birth of the Río Negro. At night you can also see the lights of Cinco Saltos and Centenario.
  • At the foot of this lookout, at the beginning of Avenida Argentina, you will find the seat of the National University of Comahue, the most important in Patagonia, which has various campuses in the provinces of Neuquen and Río Negro.
  • You can also visit the Government House of the province, built to look like the replica of a fort, at the intersection of the streets Rioja and Belgrano.
  • On the street Roca, you will find the site of the fair of the provincial artisans. You can buy textiles, ceramics, leather, wood and silver goods from all over the province.
  • Right in the center of town is the Central Park where you will find the Doctor Gregorio Álvarez Municipal History Museum, an old building that was once the machinery hanger of the Southern Railroad.
  • This antique station is also the home to the Artisan´s Fair, which cannot be missed.
  • In the summer, swimming in the Limay river is a refreshing option.

Argentina is a federal republic in the southern part of South America. Its neighbor countries are Chile to the west, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Drake Passage to the south. Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world.

Argentina is a South American terrain surrounding with Andes Mountains, glacial lakes and Pampas grassland with famed beef cattle. The famous things to do in Argentina besides visiting spectacular sightseeing are tango dance.


Things to Do in Argentina Travel Video

Buenos Aires is a great European-looking city with the art modern buildings of colonial architecture. There are parks, museums, little cafes, trendy bars, night clubs, local- international restaurants and shopping areas. Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Puerto Madero, Cementerio de Recoleta and San Telmo are spectacular places that you must visit

Hiking at Tierra del Fuego National Park.

El Calafate in Patagonia is a small beautiful town located on the southern coast of Lago Argentino surrounded by the Andean peaks, lakes and glaciers.

Perito Moreno Glacier is the place where enormous river of ice slowly moves towards the lake which surrounded by mountains. Listening to the ridges torn away from the glacier, crash loudly into the lake-sound like a thunder is the breathtaking moment which you must hear.

El Chalten located in the northern side of the Parque Nacional los Glaciares is a tiny village for hiking and adventure.

Calchaquies Valley is a gorgeous combination of dry landscapes, pretty adobe villages, traditional crafts markets and best wines in the country.

Tilcara is the places with its unique carnival where the celebrations and musical bands walk around the village, playing their music, dancing and playing tricks, throwing flour or talcum powder at passersby which this celebration lasts for a few days.

Salinas Grandes is a large salt flat at 3350 meters above sea level.

Iguazu Falls is a jaw-dropping cascade in between Brazil and Argentina.

Reserva Faunistica Peninsula Valdes is one of South America’s finest wildlife reserves of Unesco World Heritage and is home to sea lions, elephant seals, guanacos, rheas, Magellanic penguins and seabirds.

Cordoba is a mountain village with contemporary and classical galleries within easy walking distance.

Whale-watching in Puerto Madryn situated near the Patagonian town, from June to December is the best time to spot southern whales.

Rafting down the Manso River near Bariloche is the alternative option to try.

Ski down the Andes at the eastern slopes of the Andes is the best thing to do in May to September.

Mar del Plata is the country’s top beach resort city located on the Atlantic Coast in Buenos Aires Province.

Puerto Madryn with its beautiful beaches located on the shores of Gulfo Nuevo is best known as the gateway to Peninsula Valdes.

Bariloche with its chocolate shops, Swiss-style architecture, pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains is an enchanting city with spectacular landscapes and outdoor adventures.


Things to Do in Green Island-Neuquén, Argentina Travel Video is an arid geography offering a place with the enjoyment of nature and diverse activities.