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Vermicelli Thai Red Curry with Pork (Kanom-jaen-Gangphed-Mhoo-Song-kheung)

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Vermicelli Thai Red Curry with Pork (Kanom-jaen-Gangphed-Mhoo-Song-kheung)

Noodle with a method that is meticulous in every step. South Curry Soup is made from curry and fish fillet. With recipe and process of making noodles.This menu is popular of Thai food.

Ingredients :

1 box Coconut cream

1 Vermicelli

1 cup Ground pork

½ tsp fish sauce

1 Thai red curry paste

1 Can Tuna

2 teaspoons oyster sauce

½ teaspoon Black pepper

1 teaspoon palm sugar

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 egg

3 Long bean

1 cucumber

1 thai eggplant

Half of Cabbage

How to :

1. Bring the pork to grind. Include the prepared ingredients Put fish sauce, oyster sauce and white soy sauce

2. Use a mortar and put the tuna and Pounding

3. Boil a hot water when hot water put ground pork to boil.

4. When cooked took a pork put the cup.

5. Bring the coconut milk to cook for make a red curry paste

6. Bring the Thai eggplant cut into small pieces.

7. Put the tuna pounded in coconut milk and put a red curry paste

8. Put Thai eggplant into the pan.

9. Put Thai eggplant into the pan.

10. Then put a pork into the red curry paste

11. When everything cooked put on a bowl

12. Bring the Vermicelli to the plate.

13. Bring the cabbage to cut into small pieces.

14. Bring Cucumber and Long bean is cut into small pieces

15. Bring the boiled eggs to the shell. Cut half and put the plate and ready to eat

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