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Wongamat Beach-North Pattaya – Thailand Travel Video 1

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Wongamat Beach-North Pattaya – Thailand Travel Video 1


Wongamat Beach is another little jewel of a beach, nestling in a crescent shaped bay, Pattaya’s Wongamat Beach has everything to offer. Wongamat Beach is probably a little bigger than Cosy Beach and its South Pattaya neighbor, Asia Beach, but it has the same laid back and tranquil atmosphere.


Features of Wongamat Beach-North Pattaya – Thailand Travel Video 1

  • Wongamat Beach is quite picturesque, the sand is clean but coarse, and it is well maintained.
  • There are several Hotels situated on Wongamat Beach, including the Centara Grand, Loma Resort, Long Beach Garden Hotel, Garden Cliff Resort and the Asiawan.
  • Clean, roomy and friendly, Wongamat Beach is another “beach for the kids”.
  • Wongamat Beach is still frequented by small fishing boats on its Southern tip, there is also a rocky outcrop which is an ideal place for a bit of fishing.
  • There are chairs for hire on the beach, plus restaurants and bars, access is easy and there are no steep steps to climb. The Rim Talay offer Thai, seafood and western food, and it’s right on the entrance to the beach.
  • An ultimate location, Wongamat Beach is reputed for family fun, beaches, sightseeing as well as famous landmarks and outstanding hospitality.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of accommodations such as the charming Wong Amat House or the service-minded Long Beach Pavillion
  • Wongamat is surely the prettiest beach close to Pattaya, with soft, clean sand, inviting water and quite a few coconut palms and shade trees at the top of the beach.
  • The beach can hold quite a lot of people in the peak season. But during the monsoon season which give some of the most delightful weather of the year along with that empty beach. But we also show the rather crowded peak season in January.
  • Wongamat is lined with a number of big hotels and condominiums, yet it still has more natural character than any other beach nearby.
  • It is an excellent choice for people who want to be close to the beach, enjoy a sunset view, need a modicum of peace and quiet but also want proximity to the entertainment, shopping and lifestyle facilities of Pattaya.
  • The sand on Wongamat Beach is quite soft and attractive, and much cleaner than that on Pattaya Beach.
  • Water quality off Wongamat Beach is doubtful, and swimming is not recommended in the ocean.
  • As with virtually all Thai beaches with tourist hotels, good traditional Thai massage can be found on different parts of the beach.
  • The water park within the Centara Grand Mirage Resort is the single biggest attraction on Wongamat Beach.
  • Wongamat is favored by those seeking the good life in Pattaya, be it for retirement, an escape from northern winters or from the bustle of Bangkok on weekends.


Features of Naklua|Wongamat Beach-North Pattaya – Thailand Travel Video 1

  • Naklua is the first place one comes to after leaving Pattaya and crossing the little, low headland that is Wongamat. It’s a dusty, scrappy and crowded little market town where traffic jams are the norm.
  • At the southwest, near the point dividing Naklua from Wongamat is really quite pretty. This is the little peninsula where the beautiful Sanctuary of Truth sits, proudly casting aura over the pretty beaches alongside.
  • The rest of the coastline in Naklua is either rocky or has seen old boatyards transform it into a typical post-industrial wasteland of rotting junk and sludge.
  • Naklua was once so famous for its fresh seafood and dried fish market that it attracted thousands of Thai customers from Bangkok.
  • Reasonable quality hotels at budget prices and a couple of large seafood restaurants over the water that still remain more ‘Thai’ than ‘tourist’.
  • Garden Sea View Resort and Moonlight on Sea have good value rooms and have only stretch of pretty beach in Naklua.


Wong Amat Beach is one of Pattaya’s ‘hidden’ beaches which you can find it in Wongamat Beach-North Pattaya – Thailand Travel Video 1.